The Border(lines) Podcast

A long-form interview podcast where we discuss the politics of migration and forced displacement with scholars, researchers and practitioners. 


episode 1

In our first episode of this series, Professors Everita Silina and Peter Hoffman discuss critical approaches to humanitarianism and the politics of aid work with refugees.


episode 4

In this episode, we welcome Professors Everita Silina and Neni Panourgia for a conversation about dangerous citizens and the Aegean islands.


episode 2

In this episode, Professors Everita Silina and Miriam Ticktin discuss the concept of humanitarian innocence, its political consequences and thinking beyond humanitarian borders.


episode 3

In this episode, Rania Manganaro and Julia Morris discuss aspects of special economic zones, resource extraction, and forms of financial value that characterize the global supply chain model of refugee management.