Critical humanitarianism and the politics of aid work with refugees

In our first episode of this series in collaboration with The New Context, Professors Everita Silina and Peter Hoffman discuss critical approaches to humanitarianism and forced displacement. Starting from Hoffman’s latest book, Humanitarianism, War, and Politics: Solferino to Syria and Beyond, they examine the value of critical humanitarianism in understanding the dynamics related to aid work with refugees and other crisis-affected people. Hoffman presents his candid perspective on the problems inherent in the humanitarian project and calls for establishing a “Humanitarian Anonymous” program, where humanitarians can think about how to reinvent their work and themselves.


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Production team: Julia Waldruche De Mont Remy, Mia Marzotto, Michael Castrovilla, Emma Pulido and Emily Perron
Music: original intro/outro music by Pablo Altar; "One World" by Kudsi Ergüner, courtesy of Naxos America, Inc.

Release Date: May 11th 2018