Members of the Migration Studio design and execute their own field research within the Balkan region, concerning various topics relating to migration.



Michael Castrovilla

Zuzanna Krzatala

Rania Manganaro

Tasnia Mir

Zahra Mustamand


Joelle Peikes

Emily Perron

Emma Pulido

Derek Schiavone

Jessika Seekatz


Kaya Stein

Nyya Toussaint

Taryn Turner

Justin Wright


Founding Committee

The Founding Committee ideated and launched the Migration Studio during the fall of 2017, and remain active members with their own and joint projects.



Everita Silina
Assistant Professor of International Affairs



Alexandra Wynn
IFP 2016

Mia Marzotto
IFP 2017



Georgina Vazquez De Los Reyes
IFP 2017

Julia Waldruche de Mont Remy
IFP 2017