Border(lines) is a collective project of the Migration Studio at the Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs at The New School in New York. We began our inquiry into the phenomenon of migration in 2016 by focusing on the events unfolding along the Balkan route. We sought to trace the physical, political, legal, historical and human terrain of the refugee 'crisis' unfolding along one of the main historic migration paths.  This was our departure point. As we shift our gaze from the Turkish Aegean coast, from one Greek island "hot spot" to another, across mainland Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia, we engage with histories of empires and their collapse, ancient and more recent migration flows, and the cultural sediment they have left behind, and we look beyond to broader connections.

The Border(lines) podcast is our first joint production. In long-format interviews, we explore issues along several thematic axes connected to broader topics of migration, refugee issues and policies; EU and regional politics; identity relationships, the conversations and the conflicts they spark and the actors that make claims about them; the built environment, camps, and spaces of confinement and the paths and actors of mobility; the institutional and legal frameworks and the discourses and representations of the 'crisis' that have come to define global approaches to migration.


Everita Silina
Faculty chair